About Us


Helioscript is the brainchild of an acupuncturist turned entrepreneur and his best friend, a technology entrepreneur. Together, they noticed that digitization was transforming the holistic healthcare industry, but large gaps remained.

In particular, they realized the industry lacked a suitable digital solution for selling and dispensing both pre-made and custom compounded products. Practitioners, clinics, and businesses are all under pressure to increase product sales, so e-commerce seemed like an obvious solution—but businesses needed help remaining FDA compliant.

Given the pair’s experience both providing and receiving patient care, they knew the solution had to start with the all-important practitioner-patient relationship. Strengthening and supporting that relationship could create ripple effects with far-reaching benefits. Thus, the idea for Helioscript was born.

What is Helioscript?

Helioscript is an out-of-the-box e-commerce pharmacy solution for the holistic healthcare industry. It’s software that lets manufacturers, distributors, universities, and existing holistic pharmacies create online pharmacies for holistic health products.

The owner of an online Helioscript-powered holistic pharmacy works with practitioners to drive sales and capture new revenue streams. Practitioners provide patients with customized eRxs-recommendations for specific products the practitioner trusts. The patient fills their eRxs online, and Helioscript helps the online pharmacy owner seamlessly fulfill and ship the order.

Who is Helioscript for?

Helioscript creates a new kind of ecosystem for holistic healthcare. With every eRx fulfilled, the patient, practitioner, and pharmacy owner will all interact with parts of the Helioscript ecosystem.

But the Helioscript pharmacy owner is the purchaser and end-user for Helioscript’s e-commerce pharmacy software. Pharmacy owners can be anyone who fills orders for holistic healthcare products (like vitamins, supplements, herbs, and more). For example:

  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors
  • Universities
  • TCM & herbal medicine pharmacies
  • And more

How can Helioscript benefit my holistic healthcare business?

Helioscript offers powerful business advantages for online pharmacy owners, including:

  • Market to practitioners rather than individual patients to grow your customer base
  • Easily create an e-commerce pharmacy to reach new markets
  • Enjoy improved customer retention since your products have the backing of trusted practitioners, and eRxs are easy to fill
  • Use Helioscript’s comprehensive fulfillment tools to streamline and grow your business

But Helioscript isn’t just about helping online pharmacy owners earn more. In holistic healthcare, as in all of life, we are all connected. Helioscript aims to create a virtuous ecosystem that helps the entire holistic healthcare industry thrive together. Here’s how:

  • Practitioners earn extra revenue in the form of commissions. This revenue frees them up to spend more one-on-one time with their patients to improve patient care. Helioscript’s simple ordering system also improves patient adherence for better health outcomes. Finally, Helioscript integrates with Electronic Health Records for ease of use and ensures HIPAA compliance.
  • Patients get expert-recommended products delivered directly to their doorsteps for a better overall experience.